How To Blend A Lace Front Wig Like a Pro

How To Blend A Lace Front Wig Like a Pro

Luxe Beauty Supply on 7th Apr 2021

How To Blend A Lace Front Wig

It’s no secret that lace front wigs are all the rage nowadays, and everyone is taking a chance to try them out for different and unique looks. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to perfectly blend a them and rock it realistically, you’re at the right place.

#1 Cut Off The Excess Lace:

Find a wig the right size for your head and put it over your natural hair which should be brushed back beforehand and cut off any excess lace which covers your forehead as close to the hairline as possible using thin scissors. Make sure you do it precisely. Use a cotton pad moistened with alcohol to wipe off any unwanted oils from your forehead on the edges of your wig cap.

#2 Use Makeup:

After letting it dry, try on your wig momentarily to plan out where you want its placement and how you want to style it. Remove the wig and evenly apply lace wig glue from ear to ear and precisely glue the lace on. Find a concealer which matches your skin tone the most. Apply your chosen concealer on the inside of the lace Contour the edges of your forehead like you usually would in your beauty routine to hide the lace as much as you can.

#3 Tips To Keep In Mind:

Wigs are often expensive and taking care of them the right way is important if you want them to last long. Avoid infections by washing your wig as often the manufacturer recommends and keeping it away from dust. When taking off your lace, let the adhesive remover soften the glue for a while before taking the wig off to avoid pulling out any of your natural hair. Don’t forget to leave a little extra lace to make sure you apply the glue on your skin and away from your hair.

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