Wig Guide For Different Face Shapes #1 in picking styles

Wig Guide For Different Face Shapes #1 in picking styles

Luxe Beauty Supply on 10th Mar 2021


A good hairstyle can work wonders for your appearance, which is why a high quality wig is almost everyone’s go-to these days when they want to experiences different paths in terms of hair-styling without making big commitments with their natural hair. Lace front wigs have especially been taking a higher place in the fashion industry due to many reasons but mostly because they’re practical and extremely manageable. The lace makes it easier for you to blend the wig according to your skin tone to make it look as realistic as possible. It’s easy to say that lace front wigs are the best friends of A-list celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé. Now that we’ve established that lace front wigs are the way to go for when you want a realistic and casual look, we need to talk about what kind of lace front wig suits your face shape because different structures of faces require a haircut that compliments it. You can’t change your face shape, but you can always change your hairstyle, especially when you have an affordable collection of lace front wigs by your side. If you’re wondering what kind of lace front wig suits your face shape, look no further because we have compiled a guide that includes the best wigs from www.lhboutique.com according to different face shapes.

#1 Square Face Shape:

Square face shapes have more defined edges around the temples and the jawline. This face shape looks more compact and draws attention equally on the face. When choosing a wig for square face shape, keep in mind that the wide hairline and jawline needs to be balanced out with the help of hair. Lace front wigs that have curtain bangs and longer side layers that frame your face are perfect for square face shape. Avoid dead straight hair as it might make your head look flat instead of adding volume to the right places. Aplus Ozone Synthetic Lace Front Wig 013 is a great example of a style that works well with square face shape.

#2 Round Face Shape:

Rounder face shape has softer facial features that are more rounded on the edges. The round shape of the face adds more focus to the center of the face making it look quite full. Wigs for rounder face shapes are quite easy to find. Whether you go for natural hair wig or synthetic hair wig, look for styles that come towards your face while still having the volume at the top. Avoid anything that goes away from the face as it might make your face look bigger than usual. For a round face shape, opt for wig styles like Soultress Synthetic Full Wig Cece to balance out your features.

#3 Oblong Face Shape:

The oblong or long face shape is more like a rectangular face shape but with softer yet wider edges around the temples and jawline. Their forehead, cheeks, and jawline are perfectly aligned. To balance out the length with a width in oblong face shapes, opt for wigs that possess a lot of volume and outward layers. It will help create an illusion of extra width in your face. Adding a prominent fringe would also help in minimizing the length of your face. Avoid middle parts and straight hair that can cause your hair to look further elongated. Lace front wigs like Beshe Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig HHBSL NIA are what you need to have a perfectly balanced face shape.

#4 Diamond Face Shape:

A diamond face shape is slimmer on the top and bottom and wider around the cheeks. In this face shape, the forehead is usually small and the center of the face draws more attention. To balance the whole look out, add volume on the crown and around the chin area with the help of your lace front wig. Any hairpiece that ends above your cheeks is a big no-no for this face shape. Go for headpieces like Aplus Ozone Lace Wig 004

#5 Heart Shape Face:

Heart face shape has a wider forehead with a dipping hairline and small chin. This face shape catches unnecessary attention towards the forehead if not styled properly. To maintain a balanced look with a heart shaped face, add more volume to the jawline and avoid hairstyles that go away from your face especially forehead. You also opt for bangs to keep it funky. Soultress Lace Front Wig Kenya is the ideal hairpiece for heart shaped faces.

#6 Oval Face Shape:

Oval shaped faces are considered universally flattering and almost all hairstyles and wig styles suit this face shape. It has a uniform distance all over and is proportionate. You can play with a ton of styles and different hair textures if you have an oval shaped face. Opt for bolder options of different hairstyles whether they are away or towards your face. Really long lengths might make oval face shapes look a bit long but with a few layers and volume, you can rock long locks as well. Try out Newborn Free Lace Front Wig MLC203 to transform your look instantly.

Whether you have a square face shape or an oval one, a high quality wig is always there to save the day. Make your journey to finding the right wig for yourself easier by following our guide on how to choose lace front wigs while keeping your face shape and structure in mind. Plus, you can check out the wide and versatile range of affordable yet high end and realistic lace front wigs, including human hair lace front wigs, available on www.lhboutique.com to change up your hairstyle whenever you want without breaking the bank.