5 Simple Steps To Clear Skin

Posted by Luxe Beauty on 31st Jul 2015

5 Simple Steps To Clear Skin

A common complaint about African American Women is acne. This problem often results in scars that are caused by the extra melanin that is found in the skin. Women can all attest to the nuisance of having bumps that never erupt which leave a dark spot just below the skin. Most times such bumps are cysts and contain puss, other times they are nodules. If you are experiencing these problems, this article will provide you with insight on how to protect and even minimize scars that are caused by acne.

Cleanse Your Face Thoroughly

The main cause of acne is grease or dirt that blocks the pores in your skin. Keeping your face clean is foremost in your line of defense. Wash face at least twice daily, using antibacterial soap. Always use soap that provides some amount or moisturizing, as soaps that dry out the face will cause excessive production of oils. Use a cleanser or face wash, which contains 2% salicylic acid, not only does it help to prevent acne; it also removes excessive dead skin buildup.

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Many times the pores become clogged with dead skin cells. This can be treated by using a gentle facial scrub. This will remove dead skin and provide a brighter look for the face. There are special skin care brushes that are perfect for exfoliation and cleaning the face which produce results in a short time.

Avoid Touching the Face

As crazy as this may sound, it is a factor in the creation of acne. Touching the face, often causes bacteria to spread from the hands. This contributes to the clogging of pores as the body responds to fight off the invading bacteria on the face, which results in more spots. If you must touch your face ensure that your hands are properly washed.

Never Squeeze your Spots

This is another tall order but is one of the most important ones. Never attempt to squeeze spots as this will only serve to spread the bacteria, which will cause more spots and aggravate the existing ones causing them to heal at a reduced rate. Most times spots are a prime target for picking and squeezing; most people do this with the belief that in so doing they will heal faster. This is far from true. You can apply some benzoyl peroxide gel to the spot, and this promote a rapid heal time.

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Watch Your Diet

Avoid excessive sugars and oils, and increase you vegetables and fruits intake. Instead of drinking sodas, drink as much water as possible, up to 2 liters per day.

Dealing with Old Acne Scars

The tips provided above are preventative, however if you currently have acne scars that you need to fade, a gentle skin lightening product will help. Skin lighteners will contribute to the removal of pigmentation caused by scarring and also can even your skin tone and remove acne scars. Luxe Beauty Supplies provides a wide selection of soaps and creams that treat acne and other face related issues. Contact us today for advice