A Plus O Zone Lace Front Wig 005 Cara Best Lace Wigs

A Plus O Zone Lace Front Wig 005 Cara Best Lace Wigs

Luxe Beauty Supply on 29th Jan 2019

A Plus Ozone Lace Front Wig 005 - Cara

Whether you love to wear wigs or trying them for the first time, the units that are the most flattering represent you but adds a touch of glam. Finding the unit that is perfect for you in every aspect can be nearly impossible. A plus Ozone lace front wig 005 aka Cara offers a naturally glam look.


The natural transparent lace "melts" into an assortment of skin tones for an undetectable hairline, and makes the hairs of the unit appear that they are coming your of your own scalp.


The lace continues back 3.5", more than most front lace wigs offered on the market. This means the unit can be parted back to the crown and styled in many different ways. From side parts, swoop bangs, flat twists and more. The face framing layers and the long length of this unit looks as if you own hair has been flat ironed and trimmed.


A Plus Ozone Lace front wig Cara Style 005 is over 20 inches long and is a great way to experiment with length as it allows you to explore so many unique styles. The unique cap design incorporates stretch paneling for a custom fit. The unit can be styled to create a low ponytail, bun or French braid the back.


If you are looking for a change in style or to protect your own hair from damage, A Plus Ozone Lace Front wig 005 Cara is a great choice. This unit comes in an assortment of natural colors and in stock custom color blends. Buy one in your natural hair color and another with a few highlights for a subtle or dramatic change to your look.

This unit offers so many options for many different people. A Plus Ozone Lace Front Wig 005 Cara can be found at http://www.Lhboutique.com You will fall in love with the A Plus Ozone Lace Wig Collection but H-U-R-R-Y these units sells out fast and are constantly sold out so don't miss out!