Aunt Jackie's Natural Hair Products For Women and Girls

Aunt Jackie's Natural Hair Products For Women and Girls

Luxe Beauty Supply on 29th Jan 2019

Girls, Girls, love your curls! Curly hair is fun; fluffy and fabulous but not all curly textures behave nicely. Curly hair can include a mix of textures throughout the hair making it prone to frizz, brittleness and excessive dryness. Hydration and moisture is an important regimen, but this can be costly as curly hair uses quite a bit of product and some products come in tiny containers. For this reason, we recommend a product line that offers a generous size container as well as an affordable price. Aunt Jackie's Curls and Coils is one of the few natural hair care product lines  that does just that! Their core products come in twelve to fifteen ounce sizes, and the prices are all below $10! 

They recently introduced their new kids line, which contains five new products, Aunt Jackie's Girls Heads Up Softening Shampoo, Aunt Jackie's Girls Knot Havin' It! Detangling Moisturizer, Aunt Jackie's Girls Soft & Sassy Softening Conditioner, Aunt Jackie's Girls Baby Girl Curls Curling & Twisting Custard and Aunt Jackie's Girls E-Blast Nourishing Scalp Remedy. These products are sure to give moms and kids a break from the stress of extensive detangling and combing as the nourish packed ingredients melts quickly into the hair shaft and provides results!

Aunt Jackie's Heads Up Softening Shampoo has nourishing and hydrating ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, shea butter and coconut oil. These ingredients work hard to moisten and soften hard-to-manage hair. You will need very little product as it lathers beautifully. Simply massage a small amount onto wet hair, rinse and towel blot.

Aunt Jackie's Soft & Sassy Softening Conditioner is a multiple-use conditioner that you can use as a co-wash, deep conditioning treatment or a rinse out conditioner. It works quickly to help soften and loosen tight coarse textures.

Aunt Jackie's Knot Havin' It! Detangling Moisturizer works fast to detangle and loosen the tightest curl. Made with natural oils that work well for improving elasticity as we as humectants to replenish hair with lasting moisture.

Aunt Jackie's Baby Girl Curls Curling & Twisting Custard is a moisture rich anti-frizz formula that helps curls, twists and waves stay springy and smooth while elongating and providing lasting definition.

Aunt Jackie's E-Blast Nourishing Scalp Remedy helps chronically irritated and dry scalp. It is an excellent styling product for twists, braids and locs.

Even though the new Aunt Jackie's Kids line is geared towards kids, these amazing products will work on anyone's hair. You can find the full line of Aunt Jackie's Natural Hair Products in store and online.