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Braid Removal Tips For Afri Natural Montego Twist

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In addition to enhancing your overall beauty, the afri natural Montego braided twist hair extensions also adds length to your natural hair. Most individuals wear braids to remove the need of having to style and maintain their hair daily. Removing braided extensions may require a few hours while some styles may even require days to remove. Below are some useful tips that will assist in the removal of your braided extensions.

Isis Collection Afri Naptural Montego Twist 16" TWB10

You will need a styling comb to start at the ends of the braid, and comb them gently downward on the extensions. The extensions will come loose as you comb your hair. To make the process faster gather several braids and comb all at once.

Fill a spray bottle with water and use it to wet your hair, the natural hair and extensions must be saturated with water. This will help to loosen the braids. This method is useful when human hair extensions are used as braids.

Isis Collection Afri Naptural Montego Twist 16" TWB10

There are several products that are designed to help with removing hair extensions, these include hair extension removal products or leave in conditioners. These products are not costly and can be purchased at the beauty shop or online. Braid extension removal products should be sprayed on your hair and then use your hands or a comb to remove the hair.

Cutting the hair extensions is considered one of the fastest methods of removing the braid hair extensions. Before you put the scissors to your hair, you need to determine carefully where your natural hair ends and where the extensions begin, you don’t want to end up cutting off your hair. If you are not sure where the natural hair ends visit a professional stylist.

Isis Collection Afri Naptural Montego Twist 16" TWB10

Devote some time from your day to remove the extensions. Removing braids can be slow and tedious. Most individuals often become frustrated or grow tired when removing braids. This frustration often causes them to cut the braids that damage the natural hair. For this reason it is best to trust your hair removal to a salon or experts in removing braids.

If you are frustrated or you do not have the time you can have someone remove your hair extensions, there are many salons or hair extension removal services that specialize in the afri natural Montego. The cost will vary based on the type of extensions, along with the speed and experience of the stylist, additional services such as shampooing of blow drying will attract extra costs. You can also ask relatives or friends to help you take out your braided extensions. You can spend time researching ways of removing your braided extension via the internet to choose the best option.

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