​Choosing a Wig That Flatters the Face Shape of the Wearer

​Choosing a Wig That Flatters the Face Shape of the Wearer

Posted by Luxe beauty Supply on 13th May 2015

Choosing a Wig That Flatters the Face Shape of the Wearer

It is a well known fact that different people have different face shapes which plays an important role in the right selection of accessories like a wig. Each wig is unique in its own way and hence may or may not suit the face shape of individual wearers. In order to ensure that the wig they choose enhances their personality and makes them look truly gorgeous, women should first determine the type of face shape they have. There are generally six main face shapes which include, diamond, heart, oblong, oval, round and square.

Choosing a wig that suits the specific shape of the face of the women wearing them is extremely important as it gives a more natural look and appeal to these hair extensions. The right styled wig for a specific face shape helps to accentuate the facial features while also covering up any negative attributes to create a perfectly balanced look. Discussed below are the various face shapes and the wigs that would look the most flattering on each of them.

Oval Face Shape


                                                                                                                                    Source: http://bit.ly/1FfDJUw

Women with an oval face shape have a longer face with narrow jawline and slightly wider cheekbones. The Beshe human hair wig is one of thenumerous hair extensions that are just right for this type of face and help to enhance the beauty and style of the women in a significant manner. Made from high quality human hair this wig helps to accentuate the best features of oval face shape.

This is one the few curly wigs that is designed to provide a naturally appealing style to women with an oval face shape. The short length tresses help to maintain the light and fluffy look of the oval face shape while also providing the satisfaction of an elegant style to the wearers. It is available in seven different colors to suit the skin tone of different women and help them gain a graceful and stylish look with great ease and minimum maintenance.

Round Face Shape

Iris Remy Yaki Human Hair Wig Ariel                          


The round face shape is defined by short and broad with the cheeks and the ears forming the widest point. The Iris Remy Yaky human hair wig Ariel is one of the best suited hair extensions for such face shapes. The high quality human hair used in the wig gives the look and feel of freshly relaxed hair. The soft natural and layered cut of this most popular human hair wigs for women helps to frame the rounded face of the wearers.

The wig helps in adding fullness and height at the crown which gives a longer and narrower look to the face. The neck length hair ensures that the roundness of the face is perfectly balanced while also providing the advantage of a graceful hair style to the wearer. The wig is available in four colors each of which has been carefully chosen to match the skin tone of different women and enhance their elegance even further.

Square Face Shape

Isis Red Carpet Synthetic Full Wig Nominee NW 13

                                                                                                                            Source: http://bit.ly/1IzCP7V

Women with a square face shape have an almost similar face length and width along with square jawline and hairline. For such women Soultress Handtied Lace front Wig - SP Rora or Isis Red Carpet Synthetic Full wig Nominee NW 13 can prove to be extremely flattering. Both these wigs have all the qualities that help to enhance the beauty of the face by creating a illusion of length. Both wigs are crafted from high quality fibre to ensure complete comfort for the women wearing them.

The bouncy layers and roller set curls of SP Rora give it a naturally appealing and refreshing look. At the same time the Isis NW13 features a stunning style and effortless look with its short hair that helps to bring out the best facial features of square face shaped women. Wearing either of these hair extensions is guaranteed to make the women the center of attention wherever they choose to go.

Diamond Face Shape

Soultress Synthetic Wig Liz Soultress Synthetic Wig Liz  Soultress Synthetic Wig Liz  Soultress Synthetic Wig Liz Soultress Synthetic Bee Hive Cap Wig - Liz                    


The narrow chin and narrow forehead with wide cheekbones define a diamond face shape. The Soultress Synthetic Beehive Cap wig – Liz helps to perfectly balance the face by reducing the width of the hair at the sides while also adding fullness at the chin line. The wig offers enough volume near the nape to maintain equilibrium between the large cheekbones and the smaller chin.

The wig features the bob hairstyle, which is considered to be the best for women with diamond shaped face. It also has the bangs to cover the narrow forehead without adding height at the top. This hair extension is extremely light weight and being made from high quality fiber ensures great luxurious comfort for the wearers. The wig is available in seven different colors designed to create a realistic look and appeal. The curly and wavy bangs are easy to maintain and create a subtle appeal, which surely makes heads turn.

Pear Face Shape

Soultress Synthetic Wig - Sassy                       

                                                                                                               Source: http://bit.ly/1PkOwDi

The pear shape face is characterized by a narrow forehead and a large and protruding jawline. The Soultress Synthetic wig – Sassy is one of themost suitable hair extensions that women having such face can use. The wig offers the full layered look that helps to helps to add width and volume to the upper part of the face. This helps in balancing the face and diverting the attention from its lower part. The short hair of the wig creates a chick and stylish look that can be combed close to the head and enables people to focus away from the jawline.

The wig is crafted from high quality fiber making it extremely light weight and comfortable. It also offers the advantage of soft and luxurious comfort along with a natural look and appeal that helps enhance the confidence of the wearers. Women are spoilt for choice as they get to select from no less than 19 different shades of this hair extension.

Oblong Face Shape

Isis Brown Sugar 100% Human/Syn Swiss Lace Wig - BS 206                   

                                                                                                                      Source: http://bit.ly/1e2KYoF

Women with oblong faces tend to have narrow foreheads, cheekbones and jawline, which give their face and elongated look. The Isis Brown Sugar 100% human/syn Swiss Lace Wig – BS 206 is designed to perfectly suit women with such faces. The soft wavy curls help in enhancing the fullness and width at the sides of the face while also giving it a shorter look. The mid length hair helps to minimize the geometrical shape of the face besides adding softness to its straight lines.

The skin friendly design of this wig, which is crafted from breathable fabric, ensures complete comfort for the wearers even for long periods. The wig is extremely easy to style and comes with an assurance of quality and durability to deliver the best results. The natural feel and flexibility of styling are just some other benefits that women opting for this wig are sure to get. The wig is available in six colors that are meant to enhance the unique style and persona of the wearers.