Creme of Nature Straight From Eden at Luxe Beauty Supply

JTTaylorLuxe on 24th Aug 2014

Creme of Nature Straight From Eden

~New Year ~ New Products To Try ~

A New Year means a clean start to your hair regimen and your hair goals for 2014.  Whether you are natural or relaxed; healthy, strong hair and length retention goals are completely possible.


Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Collection features plant-derived ingredients to create healthy hair products. The most unique features of this collection are the natural ingredients and the promises of a less damaging approach to relaxing your hair. The three part system includes: the 100% plant-derived straightening cream and a two part activation system.  One is a liquid and the other is a cream booster.  The relaxer is formulated without lye, mineral oil, petrolatum, propylene glycol, sulfates, parabens, and formaldehyde.


 While the activators are still chemical in composition, these relaxer systems (2 different formulas depending on your hair type) saturate your hair with coconut, avocado and other naturals oils that protect the hair as much as possible from the straightening process.  While to most, the words “natural relaxer” contradict one other, this product is specifically designed for those who have chosen to relax their hair but want to avoid the potential consequences of chemical processing.


The supporting players of this collection includes: 100% natural and plant-derived hydrating shampoo, conditioning treatment, detangling leave-in conditioner, and healing repairing oil.  Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Collection wide assortment of products ensures that no matter your specific hair type or need, there is something for everyone.  People with natural hair have reported the benefits of the supporting products in this line mostly that of the hydrating and moisturizing effects of the products.  Those who chose the whole system, including the relaxer report the same healing and moisturizing benefits, which is extremely important after any chemical processing.


Coconut, avocado and olive oils are the key ingredients of these products, each plays a part in restoring the health, moisture, shine, hydration and softness necessary for your hair to be, feel and look its very best.  You will love the light fresh smell, attractive packaging and easy to read ingredients and instructions the Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Collection, making it a enjoyable to use daily.

Crème of Nature was one of the first product lines to introduce Argan and other such healing and essentials oils into their products.  A true pioneer in the haircare industry, their reputation for delivery exceptional products remains unmatched.  The Straight from Eden Collection can be combined and used with other Crème of Nature styling products to care for the health of your hair but making sure it still looks its very best.


Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Collection is sure to help you meet and exceed your hair goals for the New Year.