Crochet Braids, Why You Should Rock Them

Crochet Braids, Why You Should Rock Them

Luxe Beauty Supply on 29th Jan 2019

You should already know what crochet braids are by now; they seem to have taken a firm sitting in the world of artificial hairdos. Just in case you have never come across them, here is a short description of these beauties.

Crochet braids are synthetic extensions that have already been braided beforehand and then affixed to your hair later on with a latch hook.

Wondering why you should opt for crochet braids?

Here are a few reasons.

* It saves time:

This is one of the significant benefits of crochet braids. It's time-saving. Since all that needs to be done, is have your natural hair woven into cornrows, this could be done in about 20 minutes; then with the  crochet latch hook the braids are crocheted to your hair in a matter of minutes. Depending on the number of braids in the pack and the size, crocheting the braids to your hair should take about 30 minutes tops, and you're done. That's a lot of time saved.

* It is a protective style:

With crochet braids, you're in less danger of losing your edges. Your hair is substantially protected from pulling out of your tender scalp, when under crochet braids. It doesn't do any damage to your natural hair.

* The DIY package:

You can fix this up yourself. All you need to do is get someone to help you weave your hair into cornrows. Get a latch hook, sit in front of the TV, and start crocheting the braids to your hair, while watching a movie on Netflix.

* Different styles:

The styles for crochet braids are numerous. They come in different beautiful colors, styles and sizes, that would leave you amazed. All that matters is your preference at this point. Some of our popular styles are crochet faux locs, crochet box braids, curly crochet hair, short crochet hair styles, crochet twist and more!

* It's reusable:

Unless you want to, you do not necessarily have to spend money on getting a new pack of crochet braids after taking out the one you have on. It comes with a reusable option, after taking it out, you could wash, trim and reuse whenever you intend to use it again. 

The wave of crochet braids doesn't seem to be dying off anytime soon; it has all these fantastic benefits, so why should it? When thinking about changing your look, you should try out crochet braids, apart from all the benefits listed above, it is bound to give you a look that makes you feel more in tune with your natural style. 

Video Credits: @tastePINK @ComfortStyles