Design Essentials New Natural Hair Care Products

Design Essentials New Natural Hair Care Products

Luxe Beauty Supply on 29th Jan 2019

Design Essentials has added three new products to its Natural Hair Care Line that are a must have for natural hair styling as well as under wig care. (Coupon Below)

The Natural Honey Curl Forming Custard with Honey and Chamomile defines, shapes and elongates curls and coils providing lasting hold, while this is perfect for those twist-outs and other natural hair styles, it is especially great for under wig braiding. Only a dime size per section is needed and it will leave your hair nicely hydrated with a brilliant shine!


The Natural Almond and Avocado De-tangling Leave-In Conditioner is a lightweight, non-sticky moisturizing leave-in conditioner with nourishing botanicals and Vitamin E to penetrate quickly. This is a great product for damage free de-tangling and works incredibly well on under wig natural hair care! Remember when de-tangling to allow the product to penetrate and carefully comb from the ends first continuing up to the root.


The Design Essentials Honey and Shea Edge tamer is a moisturizing, firmer-hold edge control gel designed for curly to coily hair, the honey and shea butter adds nourishment while providing that intense hold which is needed for a variety natural hair styles. It is slightly heavier than the original Sleek Edge Gel formula and works amazingly well on keeping natural textures slicked down! It is also a perfect under wig edge gel so no need to texturize or relax your natural hair to match the texture of your wig! The Design Essential Honey and Shea Tamer will do the trick!


You can purchase the entire Design Essentials Line both in store and online at Luxe beauty Supply