Guidelines For Creating A Natural Big Chop Crochet Braids Using Isis Afri-Naptural Definition Braid Kanekalon Hair

Guidelines For Creating A Natural Big Chop Crochet Braids Using Isis Afri-Naptural Definition Braid Kanekalon Hair

Posted by Luxe Beauty Supply on 22nd Apr 2015

The stylish and cool look provided by the close cut African hair mostly makes the wearers feel elegant and confident. However, people with even slightly long hair, are skeptical about trying out this style with their natural tresses, for the fear that it might not suit their unique personality. The easiest way to overcome this dilemma, without tampering with the natural locks is to create crochet braids using Isis Afri-Naptural Definition Braid Kanekalon hair that actually help in replicating the desired style. This helps people to get a realistic visualization of whether or not the style would suit them.

Source: @pureestrogen

Although there are different types of kinky braiding hair available in the market, choosing Isis Afri-Naptural hair offers the following advantages.

  • It has a really long length of nearly 30 inches.
  • Being kanekalon hair, getting curls is as easy as dipping it in hot water.
  • It is extremely soft which ensures that the crochet braid is equally soft.

Having understood the benefits of using Afri-Naptural for creating Big Chop Kinky Crochet Braids, the below guidelines can help users to actually create the braid in a hassle free manner.

  • Take a small section of the Afri-naptural definition braid hair and start wrapping it around a wooden round stick. This can be done by first holding and then securing down one edge of the hair along with the top of the stick between the thumb and the forefinger while rotating and the stick in place with other hand.
  • When the entire length of the hair has been wrapped securely around the stick, tie the loose end to the stick with the help of a rubber band.
  • Create several such sticks of secure hair to get enough curly hair for the braid.
  • To get the curls, dip the sticks wrapped with Afri-Naptural kanekalon braiding hair in hot water for 20 seconds.
  • When the curled braids are ready, use a crochet needle to weave the individual strands into a mesh cap.
  • To keep them securely in place create a handmade loop after each round through the mesh cap.
  • When all the strands have been looped through the mesh, individuals can try on the wig and make adjustments to give it a natural look.
  • Finally, give a nice shape to the wig by cutting off the braids on the sides more than those on the top and trimming the braids to get a the desired close cut and neatly tapered Afro- American stylish look.