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​Guidelines For Minimizing Shedding On Your Human Hair Lace Wig

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Guidelines For Minimizing Shedding On Your Human Hair Lace Wig

People, who wear wigs, mostly prefer the ones made from human hair, because not only are they more natural looking, but are also easy to manage and maintain. However, many times, the human hair lace wigs also have issues such as excessive shedding of the hair that if not controlled can lead to the creation of a bald patch on the wig scalp. The following guidelines can help you minimize shedding and maintain the full haired and healthy look of your wig.

  • Abstain from scratching your scalp while wearing your lace wig as it is the main cause of shedding. If you have to do it, then remove the wig first. You can also use a good anti-itch shampoo to minimize itching on your scalp.
  • Do not use your regular comb to brush your wig hair. Rather use a separate wide tooth comb or a special wig comb for the task. Also, in order to avoid applying too much pressure on the knots, comb from tip up while holding the hair above in one hand.
  • Avoid combing your human hair lace wig immediately after washing it. Also remove all the tangles by combing the hair thoroughly before you wash the wig.
  • Do not use wig hair care products that have high alcohol content as they can increase shedding or hair breaking.
  • Make sure that you remove any residual glue from the wig after every use. Leaving behind any adhesives can result in causing shedding.
  • Allow to dry your lace hair wig naturally rather than blow drying it or placing it under the dryer. The excessive heat from the dryer can damage or even split the hair knots and cause shedding.
  • Avoid sleeping with your wig still on your head, If you have to do that, braid up the hair to minimize the formation of tangles.
  • Make sure that you comb the wig hair gently after removing it each night and before wrapping it in silk or satin scarf to minimize friction and shedding.
  • The above guidelines can ensure that your human lace wig losses minimal hair and keeps looking fresh.

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