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Guidelines For Putting On Lace Front Wigs In A Perfect Manner

Posted by Luxe Beauty Supply on

Lace front wigs can do wonders to change the personality of individuals and make them look stylish. However, in order to attain the desired results, it is important to know the art of applying the lace front wigs in a proper manner. People who are applying these wigs for the first few times need to be a little more patient until they master the art. Listed below are the essential steps to follow while putting on lace front wigs in manner that ensure a perfect fit and a secure grip.


  • Before starting the application process, it is important to ensure that all the products required for the same are placed within easy reach. This would include the cleansing agents, wig tapes or adhesive, scissors and of course the wig.
  • It is also important to ensure that the skin where the lace of the wigs is to be attached is free from any dirt, oil and moisture. As such wig wearers should thoroughly cleanse bald scalp and the skin around the hairline to remove any dirt and oil and then wipe it dry so that the area is moisture free.
  • In order to protect the skin form any allergies and prevent any irritation caused by the lace, individuals should apply a thin layer of skin protector around the perimeter of the hairline. Give a gap of a few minutes to let the protector dry completely.
  • After the protector has dried apply the liquid adhesive or wig tapes, according to your preference on the required area. In case of wig tapes, it is advisable to cut out the appropriate lengths and apply them rather than cutting the same after applying them to the skin.
  • The next step would be to place the wig neatly on the scalp while standing in front of a clear mirror so that there is no error in placing in properly on the head. Wearers should also hold back the baby hairs on the wig so that these do not get stuck with the adhesive or wig tape during application.
  • Once the wig has been placed on the head, it is advisable to press it done slightly so as to ensure that it is firmly secured in place. 

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