Guidelines For Using Nix & Nox Lace Front Wigs Without Damaging Them

Guidelines For Using Nix & Nox Lace Front Wigs Without Damaging Them

Posted by Luxe Beauty Supply on 21st Oct 2014

Guidelines For Using Nix & Nox Lace Front Wigs Without Damaging Them

The use of wigs to cover extensive hair loss or simply for keeping up with the latest fashion trends has become quite popular. People use different types of lace wigs for enhancing their personality and realizing their dream of having flawless and stylish hair just like their favorite celebrity. However, in order to ensure that their Nix Nox wigs last really long, it is important to use them in proper manner to minimize any chances of damage. Discussed below are the cautions that wearers need to take while attaching and removing these wigs.

Attaching The Wig

It is important to understand that lace wigs are extremely delicate and even the slightest careless can cause irreparable damage to them. As such it is important to follow the below given directions while attaching these wigs to the scalp.

  • Clean the scalp properly to make sure that it is completely oil and dirt free before applying the wig.
  • Use only a liquid or tape adhesive for attaching the lace wigs to the scalp.
  • When using liquid adhesive make sure to apply only a thin layer on the scalp and let it dry completely before attaching the wig.
  • Make sure that all the hair on the Nix & Nox wig is tied up while placing the wig on the scalp so that it does not get attached with the adhesive.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure while pressing down the wig onto the scalp to put it in place.

Removing The Wig

Just like applying a lace wig requires the wearers to be patient, removing the same in careful manner is equally important. Listed below are the steps that need to be followed for removing a lace wig.

  • Use an appropriate adhesive solvent and apply it on the lace of the wig.
  • Wait for enough time to enable the solvent to soften and loosen the adhesive applied earlier.
  • Remove the wig gently without snatching it away from the scalp.
  • Use additional solvent where necessary rather than trying to pull up the wig forcefully.
  • Make sure to clean the wig properly before packing it away for use in future.

Following the above guidelines will help keep your wig look new and damage free for long time.