Janet Mambo Twists Vs Isis Collection 2x Senegal Bantu

Janet Mambo Twists Vs Isis Collection 2x Senegal Bantu

Luxe Beauty Supply on 29th Jan 2019

Winter is just around the corner and onset of a change is ripe in the air. With that said its time to do something new and interesting with my hair. I recently had the chance of visiting a hair show with a friend and while I was never a keen observer of color, braids and twists with colors is the new hot trend for winter. Blues, purples and pinks I was completely captivated the whole time and left feeling as though I need to do something new with my hair right then and there!

My friend did not pass up the opportunity to experiment with something new, she now rocks nice hot pink twists, and it looks divine - The problem is the more I pictured myself wearing pink twists, the more I saw images of strippers in my mind. I would prefer not to look like that if you know what I mean.

However the need to try something new and exciting is still strong, several months ago I put in the Janet Mambo twists and even though I have considered wearing them again, I definitely would love to try something new and more trendy and of a better quality. In the past, I have talked with friends about the different twists and the companies that make them and a common question that is asked is what makes each twist different? Being the hair fanatic that I am answering their question became my obsession. While researching winter hair trends I not only found a twist that looks exactly like the Janet Mambo twist, it’s of a better quality, the Isis Collection 2x Senegal Bantu Twist Braid 24". So here are my findings for today’s hair talk. I will share with your differences between the Janet Mambo twists and the Isis Collection 2x Senegal Bantu Twist Braid 24."

The Isis Collection 2x Senegal Bantu Twist 24" often called the Isis 2x Senegal twists is a synthetic braid twist that closely resembles natural remy hair textures. Stylists often use the invisible root method when installing, so the actual root of your natural hair is not exposed thus creating a natural look. In addition to this the fibers are soft and lightweight making it lot easier to wear.

Janet Mambo twists are very similar to the Isis 2x Senegal twists they are installed using the same method. The last time wore them however I was not completely satisfied with the quality; it did appear somewhat plastic and boy was that thing heavy.

Twists are making a comeback, we can all remember, Brandy and Janet Jackson, wearing the classics styles of the 90’s. Keep in mind if you want to know the difference between twists and braids just look at the number of twists used, three twists are called braids. Braids often use the same hair and Senegalese twists. In the end choosing hair strictly has to do with preference. As mentioned before I am out looking for something new and interesting and the Isis Collection 2x Senegal Bantu Twist 24" in just in time for winter wear.

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