Joie Naturals MyGel

Posted by Luxe Beauty Supply on 16th Oct 2014

Joie Naturals MyGel

Joie Naturals MyGel

Finding the right styling products for your natural hair can sometimes be quite a task. Gels can define curls, blend textures, slick edges, and hold styles together. While the right gel does these things for your hair, the wrong gel can dry your hair, cause flakes, crunchiness, or not hold your style at all. Although, gels are formulated to style your hair, some have nourishing ingredients to fortify your hair while it styles. 

Joie Naturals MyGel is the best hair gel specifically formulated to promote healthy hair with its rich ingredients. Ingredients derived from plant oils and herbal extracts such as, castor oil, aloe, ginseng, lemongrass and fruit extract. Joie Naturals MyGel gives your hair a thicker and healthier look. It is a great styling aid, especially for locks twist and braids. Once only used in salons by professional stylists, Joie Naturals MyGel is sold in select retailers for at-home use.
Joie Naturals MyGel has a thick, springy consistency that makes it perfect for sleek edges, ponytails and styles that require sculpting. Apply Joie Naturals MyGel to the hair, edges or scalp with special attention to areas of poor growth and thinning hair. Its special formula allows mixing with other styling products such as leave-in treatment and moisturizers without leaving any residue on the hair. Every hair texture and style can benefit from the use of Joie Naturals MyGel, due to its use of quality ingredients that condition and thicken hair while it stimulates the roots. This gel reduces shrinkage and enhances stretch. Its natural oil helps to lock in your hair’s moisture and define your curls and style. Whatever your hair length, your style will be beautiful and will hold its definition for days.

How to use Joie Naturals MyGel for a twist-out on natural hair:

1. Start on hair that has been freshly washed and conditioned. Depending on your preference, you may style while hair is damp for a more defined look or dried and stretched for a looser, fluffier look.

2. Section the hair off for more control. Apply a leave in conditioner or hair butter to moisturize. Apply a small amount of Joie Naturals MyGel to your hand and rub together. 

3. Apply gel to hair from root to ends, brushing thoroughly. 

4. Flat twist or twist hair as usual. The smaller the twists, the more defined the look will be. The larger the twist, the more loose and fluffy the look will be.

5. Apply Joie Naturals MyGel to your edges and slick down with a toothbrush, hairbrush or fingers

6. Cover with a satin scarf

7. Allow the twist time to dry or set overnight

8. In the morning, remove the scarf and apply a small amount of a lightweight oil or serum to each twist

9. Unravel gently, separating the twists as to not cause frizz

10. Style to your preference. Fluff hair at the roots for a more full yet defined look

11. If necessary, apply Joie Naturals MyGel to your edges again to smooth

If you are looking for a new product to add to your natural hair styling routine, Joie Naturals MyGel is worth a try. Luxe Beauty Supply is one of the only places to pick up this natural hair gel, along with all the products for your hair needs. If you are in Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia, stop in our store to see our extensive line of natural hair products and to get your bottle of Joie Naturals MyGel. This product is found at and will be shipped to you fast and free! with orders over $75