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Keep Your Hair Safe And Strong With These Hair Preparation Tips Before Using Rastafri Braiding Hair

Posted by Luxe Beauty Supply on

The trend of using braids is quite old and for several years women across the globe have used them as a styling method. It is believed that using braided hair extensions not only helps to protect the hair but also helps to grow it stronger and longer. While this not entirely false, you should ensure to make use of the good quality braiding extensions besides wearing them in the right manner to ensure that you get the best benefits of this style.


Listed below are some important hair preparation tips which will ensure that your hair does not suffer any damage or breaking while putting on the Rastafri Braiding Hair Dana Braid.

  • Make sure you subject your hair and scalp to a thorough protein treatment and ample moisturizing before you even consider installing braid extensions. This gives enough strength to your scalp and hair to enable it to easy carry the additional weight and tension of hair braids.
  • In case you suffer from any scalp issues such as itching, dandruff or infections of any kind, be sure to get it treated and completely cured before you make any plans for installing hair extensions.
  • Make sure that you install the braid correctly to get the desired effect. In case you have never used a Rastafri braiding hair extensions before, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional to avoid any embarrassing situations or worse cause any damage to your hair or scalp.
  • While installing the hair braids make sure that you do not tie extremely tight braids. This will not only create excessive tension for your tresses but will also cause much discomfort for you and might even lead to a major headache.
  • Be sure to moisturize your tresses even after you have braided them to avoid your hair from become dry and brittle and in turn prone to damage.   

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