Rastafri Dream Romance Curl Braiding Hair For Crochet

Rastafri Dream Romance Curl Braiding Hair For Crochet

Luxe Beauty Supply on 29th Jan 2019

African American hair is considered one of the most versatile hairs on the planet. Not only is it durable but also flexible and open to all variations of colors and styles. Many stylists say that there are truly no right or wrong ways in which to wear, braided hair. The way one decides to wear their hair is dependent only on their career, personality, and other preferences. In the African American community, hairstyles come and go, and many find it difficult to keep tabs on the predominant trends. Below are some modern trends in styling your braided hair using the Rastafri Dream Romance Curl Braids.


Fanned out buns are not only attractive by simple to do. They are a fanned out bun and a semi full scarf that goes around the edges which covers new growth. The scarf conceals the new growth, so you do not have to worry about controlling the edges.


This style also gives the wearer a unique look, and it features a high ponytail with a bun that is twisted around, this provides a complete look. A black scarf can be worn around the edges so as to hide new growth.


If you are looking for more height into the bun and a ruffled look, this is the perfect style. The style features a mild twist and is turned up having more height and less width. Wear a scarf to cover new growth.


Fishtail braids are easy to do in addition to being stylish. They are perfect for use with the Rastafri Dream Romance Curl Braids. Even though they may require more time, than regular braids, they are much fancier and will hold those curls in place. To do fishtail braids split your weave into pigtails. Braid one pigtail into a small fish tail and stop at a half point. Use one braid to wind around the pigtail once. Now create a fishtail braid using the pigtail, use the bottom half of the first braid to add to the new one.

Rastafri Dream Romance Curl Braiding Hair


This braid is perfect for curly hair. The unique interlocks are not only intricate they may also seem complicated, but these looks are much simpler to do than how they appear. Once you try then several times, you will eventually get the hang of things. You begin first at the front of one side of the parted braids and start with a regular French braid. Once you are into at about 2-3 inches, being dropping the outside strand and pick up a new piece of hair right beside it, as you continue to add to the top portions as well. Continue the process and add until you are satisfied where to stop. It will require some amount of practice, however, practice makes perfect.


The curly side bun is perfect for waves or loose curls. You start with a traditional braid at one end of the head, and then you loosely braid it to your desired length, once done pull curls up into a loose, messy bun. Leave several curls out so as to provide a frame for your face and to add to the feminine look.


The final look is the standard braid while you might assume that because you are sporting a curly braid you can’t pull off a normal look, the truth is you can! It maybe someone frizzy at times, but the overall look will be fantastic.

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