Reasons And Solutions For Tangled Wig Hair

Reasons And Solutions For Tangled Wig Hair

Posted by Luxe Beauty Supply on 7th May 2015

Most women using wigs often complain about the hair becoming tangled more easily and frequently than their natural tresses. This is true for even the best branded wigs and can prove to be extremely annoying and frustrating. It is advisable for women to understand the causes of hair tangling and try to resolve the issue through proper advice and guidance. This will ensure great looking hairstyle using elegant and trendy wigs for a longer time in a hassle free manner.

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Causes Of Tangling

Wig wearers tend to overlook the fact that the hair extension is quite unlike their natural tresses which constantly receive nutrition and nourishment from the scalp. This is one of the major causes for the hair on these hairpieces becoming easily tangled. Unlike the natural hair, the wig hair does not receive natural oils and moisturizing nutrients through the scalp. This tends to increase the dryness of the hair extensions over time and causes the locks to become tangled.

Preventing Wig Hair From Getting Tangled

There are several ways in which wig users can prevent the tresses of their hair extensions from becoming tangled. Some simple and common methods are discussed below.

  • Proper Cleansing Of Wig Hair: It is important to ensure that the wig hair is cleansed in a proper and thorough manner after being used 5-6 times. A mild shampoo recommended for the specific synthetic lace front wigs or any other type of hair extension should be preferably used. The shampoo should be rubbed into the hair gently with fingers to extract any dirt or unwanted substances from the hair.
  • Condition The Hair: After cleaning the hair in a proper manner, it is also important to condition it with a good quality and recommended product. Conditioning helps to maintain the soft silky feel of the hair and also in keeping the tresses nourished and well moisturized which is essential for reducing tangles. There are several after wash leave in conditioners that can keep help to keep the tresses healthy and nourished for long.
  • Comb The Hair Properly: Combing can reduce the tangles in a significant manner, if done in the right way. It is advisable to comb the wig hair while putting in the conditioner while the hair is still wet. This not only helps in resolving any tangles but also ensures that the condition reaches every individual hair strand. Once the hair is dry, it is a good idea to thoroughly comb it once again before setting it in a specific style.

Take Care Of The Wig: It is a good practice to keep the wig properly packed or covered when it is not in use. This enhances the life of the wig besides minimizing the formation of tangles due to poor maintenance.