Soft Sheen Carson Hydra Steam Moisturizing System

Soft Sheen Carson Hydra Steam Moisturizing System

Luxe Beauty Supply on 29th Jan 2019

Soft Sheen Carson Professional Hydra Steam Moisturizing System

New Product Alert - "Take hydration to the next level" with Soft Sheen Carson Professional Hydra Steam Moisturizing System. Infused with Aloe Vera and activated by steam for intensive moisturizing, these new products by Soft Sheen Carson are the answer to the prayers of dry, thirsty hair everywhere. Steam treatments hydrates hair more effectively than using a conditioner alone. Steam gently opens the cuticles of the hair allowing the moisture to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft adding maximum moisture, thus preventing damage by dryness and breakage.
The Hydra Steam Moisturizing System includes a full range of products to cleanse, condition and style your hair. Perfect for all hair textures from relaxed to natural, this line also offers products specifically to design and refine your curls. This new line of products labeled "professional" is potent enough to produce salon quality results, and yet can be used at home safely by anyone.

Each product of the Hydra Steam System is labeled in step by step order ease and clarity:

1. Step 1: Sulfate-Free Cleanser - Effectively removes build-up from the scalp and hair and prepares your hair for conditioning and styling. Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free and Silicone-Free formula provides moisturizing nourishment to hair. This first step prepare the hair for the steam masque to follow

2. Step 2: Steam Masque - Provides conditioning moisture to the hair while it softens and moisturizes. For use with a conditioning cap, steamer or other steam producing heat sources, this product is effective at minimizing frizz, enhancing curl definition and preparing the hair for styling.

3. Step 3: Moisturizing Sealing Spray - Helps seal hair cuticle after steaming and provides adding conditioning for detangling. The third step in the hydra steam system is formulated to respect the pH level and is a lightweight product to ensure your styles remain frizz-free and moisturized.

4. Step 4: Refining Coil Cream or Curl Designing Cream - Choose the cream for your hair type. These two creams work to smooth, moisturize and style the hair into twist, rod sets for many beautiful styles. The Refining Coil Cream is tailor-made for coily hair and provides the nourishment and hold it needs to leave styles looking defined and hydrated. The Curl Designing Cream is for looser curls and waves and works to elongate curls and provide added definition.

5. Step 5: Finishing Oil - Adds shine and luster to your hair, finishing the style and leaves the hair looking soft, defined, moisturized.

If your hair is dry, brittle and in need of moisture, The Hydra Steam Moisturizing System is perfect for your needs.