Ten Most Popular Foxy Silver Grey Short Wigs

Posted by Luxe beauty Supply on 27th Jun 2015

Ten Most Popular Foxy Silver Grey Short Wigs

Foxy Silver is a brand that has given a whole new meaning to looking sexy and stylish in gray wigs. It offers a vast collection of beautifully styled hair pieces in different shades of gray to suit the unique style and personality needs of different females. The brand specializes in creating short wavy wigs that give a sleek and elegant look to any female in a realistic manner. Over the years, the brand has earned a name for its extremely high quality and affordable products that not only enhance the style quotient of the women wearing these wigs but also provide them great value for money. Listed below are ten of the most popular short wigs in various shades of gray, offered by Foxy Silver.

1. Foxy Silver Synthetic Wig – Peggy

Foxy Silver Synthetic Wig Peggy

Made from premium quality synthetic fibers, this short wig featuring wavy gray hair is designed for a neat stylish look. The lightweight hair piece is securely held in place with the help of comfortably fitting cap having adjustable straps at the back. It offers a completely realistic appearance and is styled to frame and enhance the facial features of the women wearing it, making it just perfect to get a fabulous look in an effortless manner.

2. Foxy Silver Monofilament Synthetic Wig – Trudy

 Foxy Silver Monofilament Synthetic Wig - Trudy

The wig features a monofilament mesh front which is quite undetectable as it is designed to match the skin tone and natural hairline of the women wearing it. This gives a completely natural look to the wig which is further enhanced by the immaculate styling of its short straight hair. The wig is just what women need for clean and sharp style that makes them look elegant and professional at the same time.

3. Foxy Silver Hand Stitched Synthetic Wig – Ashley

Foxy Silver Hand Stitched Wig Ashley

With each strand of hair individually hand stitched into the feather light lace cap, this wig is surely designed to offer ultimate comfort even with extensive usage. The short wavy hair has a enough volume to give this wig a completely realistic appeal while the elegant wavy cut of the hair strands makes its styling extremely graceful. Women can wear to work or to party, without worrying about losing on the style quotient.

4. Foxy Silver Hand Stitched Synthetic Wig -Sienna

Foxy Silver Hand Stitched Wig Sienna

The shoulder length straight hair that is slightly turned under the edges, has been hand stitched into the extremely lightweight lace cap of the wig making it quite comfortable and breathable. The hair strands made from fine quality synthetic fiber offer a natural appeal and smoothness to enhance the grace and elegance of this wig. The natural hair movement and the versatility of styling make this wig a preferred choice for women seeking style and sophistication.

5. Foxy Silver Synthetic Wig – Jamie

Foxy Silver Hand Stitched Wigs Jamie

The wig features mid-length straight hair that is slightly bent inwards at the edges to create a style that frames the face of the women wearing it. The wig helps to create a graceful and mature look by highlighting the facial features of the wearers while also creating a neat and stunning appeal. The high quality synthetic fiber used to create the hair stands is machine stitched onto the cap making the wig lightweight and comfortable.

6. Foxy Silver Synthetic Wig – Mary

Foxy Silver Synthetic Wig Mary

The wig features short cropped hair in pixie style made from the best quality synthetic fibers machine stitched into the cap. The wig offers a natural appeal with a secure and comfortable fit even during long hours of use. It is a must have hair accessory for women who love to flaunt a graceful and mature look with a well defined and simple hair style that is easy to carry off with minimal maintenance.

7. Foxy Silver Synthetic Wig – Lexus

Foxy Silver Hand Stitched Wigs Lexus

The wig is designed to provide a cool charming look to the women wearing it. The short wavy hair stands crafted from premium quality synthetic fabrics have been set in a style that provides additional volume at the top to make the women look taller. The comfortable cap is flexible enough to ensure a secure fit on scalps of different sizes while its lightweight makes it easy to wear for extended duration without causing heaviness for the wearers.

8. Foxy Silver Synthetic Wig – Barbara

Foxy Silver Synthetic Wig Barbara

The wig features short wavy hair that is styled in layers to add definition and volume. The hair strands themselves have been crafted from high quality synthetic fibers that are machine stitched into the lightweight cap. To ensure a comfortable and secure fit, the wig is provided with adjustable straps at the back, which also adds to its realistic look. It is perfect to be worn on both formal and casual occasions to create a lasting impression.

9. Foxy Silver Synthetic Wig – Deborah

Foxy Silver Synthetic Wig Deborah

The short wavy hair that falls slightly over the forehead, gives a youthful look the women wearing this wig. The extremely lightweight and comfortable hair piece gives women the feeling of having their natural hair styled in an elegant manner. The incredible styling and the secure fit make this wig a must have hair accessory for women who love to follow the latest fashion trends without causing any damage to their natural tresses or creating an artificial look.

10. Foxy Silver Synthetic Wig – Margaret

Foxy Silver Synthetic Wig Margaret

The medium length hair on this wig styled in a shag cut offers vivacious and refined look to the women. The slightly curled bangs and full feathered bangs create an impression of great volume and natural appeal to make the women look truly stunning. The high quality fabric used to craft the hair stands offers great flexibility and ease of styling which enables the wearers to simply put the wig on and move out.