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The Isis Red Carpet Synthetic Wig for All Seasons

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Runways across the world are featuring Femme Fatales who wear short cut wigs such as the Isis Red Carpet Synthetic Wig Keyshia. Women are encouraged to sport fitted trousers, skinny ties, pinstriped suits or just classy fedora. These hot new fashion trends are directly related to the patterns found in synthetic wig styles of shorter haircuts. Shortcut wigs are all the rage this season, perhaps because of the prevailing trends in a fashion which see women transcending stereotypes while getting in touch with their masculine side. Trends in fashion often mimic the style in wigs. This in and of itself is not the only reason short styles are popular.

Isis Red Carpet Synthetic Wig Keyshia RCP 178

Women prefer shorter hairstyles because they are not only practical but attractive. The truth is long locks will always look good, but there is growing popularity that sees them being replaced with shorter wigs.

We have seen celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham photographed in synthetic short cut wigs similar to the Isis Red Carpet Synthetic Wig Keyshia. They are often photographed wearing; jaw length bobs a trademark of the Isis Red Carpet Synthetic Wig.

Isis Red Carpet Synthetic Wig Keyshia RCP 178

Women have been crazy in love with short cropped wigs for years. Breaking away from traditions many women are now no longer fearful of trying out short cut wigs, they now have the confidence to pull off such a look. If you're not entirely sure ask your stylist or trusted retailer for advice, with the right style wig the look is easily achievable.

In the 1970 actress Audrey Hepburn was among the first pioneers for short cuts the look has captivated the audience ever since. The show Rosemary's Baby featuring Mia Farrow played an enormous role in influencing women across the world to visit hair stylists to adopt the dramatic pixie cut. Fast forward to 2015 the look is still popular in the modern culture and has multiple variations as seen in wig styles such as Isis Red Carpet Synthetic Wig Keyshia.

As briefly stated before, wearing short cut wigs or pixie wigs also have practical advantages. Their styles are easily maintainable, whether they are jaw length, chin length or cropped. Short wigs have become popular especially with mothers and working class women. Most moms have very little time as they rush to prepare breakfast and packed lunches, all of which must be done before preparing for work. In the mornings, there is not much time to match outfits let alone style your wig.

Isis Red Carpet Synthetic Wig Keyshia RCP 178

Wearing a short cut wig such as the Isis Red Carpet Synthetic Wig Keyshia will save on time in addition to turing heads as you walk down the street. Luxe Beauty Supply sells a wide assortment of short cut synthetic lace front wigs that are both convenient and stylish for the modern woman. 

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