Tips To Give A Natural Look And Appeal To Your Isis BS 103 Wigs

Posted by Luxe Beauty Supply on 22nd Feb 2015

Tips To Give A Natural Look And Appeal To Your Isis BS 103 Wigs

When you choose to wear a wig, your primary concern is whether or not it will look natural. This is especially true if you are wearing a wig for the first time. The tips listed below will help you to ensure that your Isis BS 103 wig looks totally natural and enhances your beauty and appeal without revealing your secret.

                                        Isis BS 103

  • While putting on your favorite Isis BS style, make sure that you pull the wig cap right up to your natural hairline. At the same time you need to ensure that the wig cap is not extended too far down the forehead as it might give an unrealistic look.
  • In case you are wearing the wig over your natural hair, make sure to pull out a few strands on either side as well as the bang area. Brush in your natural hair into the wig hair using a comb in manner that blends the two which will create a more realistic look.
  • Use a wig cap to secure your Isis wig BS 103 It is not necessary to wear a wig cap but wearing one creates a barrier between your hair/scalp and your wig.

The natural texture and styling of Isis Brown Sugar wigs ensures complete comfort and satisfaction. Known for their high quality and durability, these wigs will enhance your look without altering your natural hair. Isis 103 BS is specifically designed to offer a sleek long layered style which is further enhanced with the straight China bang. It is just the wig to choose for giving you a perfect look for everyday wear or even a special occasion or function!