Top 5 Crochet Braiding Hair Products For A Cool And Elegant Look

Top 5 Crochet Braiding Hair Products For A Cool And Elegant Look

Posted by Luxe beauty Supply on 19th May 2015

Most women are often depressed by the fact that their hair is too thin or frizzy to be styled properly. For such women the different types of wigs, weaves and braids available in the market provide a perfect solution to get trendy and rocking hair quite easily. In addition to enhancing the beauty and personality of the women, these hair extensions help to protect their natural tresses and enhance their confidence by making them feel good about their appearance.

Crochet braiding hair is one of the most popular hair extensions used by women across the globe as it not only offers great versatility but also helps create styles that last really long with minimal maintenance. When implemented in the right manner, crochet braiding hair can provide a perfectly natural look and appeal without damaging the natural tresses of the women wearing them or making the head feel heavy.

Discussed below are the top five crochet braiding hair products that women can try this summer to get a cool confident look.

Curly Crochet Braid

                                          Isis Caribbean Bundle Braid Bohemian Soft Water

This hair style is perfect for women who love to have fluffy tresses with full dense curls. The hair style can be created by weaving the extremely high quality Isis Caribbean Bundle Braid Bohemian Soft Water hair into the natural tresses using a crochet hook. Made from the finest material, the Bohemian Soft Water braiding hair is extremely light weight and has a natural texture and sheen that gives it a totally realistic look. It is just the thing you need create the cool Caribbean look in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Using the Bohemian Bundle Soft Water braiding hair for a curly crochet braid style, ensures a neat and elegant look. The hair is made from a combination of kanekalon and tanekalon fibers which make the stands quite sturdy without adding weight to them. This makes the braiding hair extremely easy to weave into the original tresses and create a perfectly realistic look. In fact, as the braids start developing a slight frizz after a couple of weeks, they lose any artificial appeal and seem to be a part of the natural tresses of the women wearing them.

The braids can be used in the available length or the women can cut the stands to get the desired length of the braids, from very short to mid length styles. The curly crochet braid style lasts really long with minimal maintenance and takes away the stress of making the bangs look presentable and manageable every day.

Click the link provided below to learn how to use the Bohemian Bundle Soft Water braiding hair for creating a bouncy and voluminous hair style.

Dream Romance Curl

                                                      Rastafri Dream Romance Curl Braiding Hair

For women, who love long, bouncy and wavy hair that offers a natural softened and shine, the Rastafri Dream Romance Curl Braiding hair is just the perfect product. The long luscious strands of this hair extension are made from extremely high quality material to ensure that the users get a good value for money. The fullness of the strands ensures that women can get a heavy dense look by using a minimal number of braiding hair packets, which proves to be extremely cost-effective in the long run.

Dream Romance Curl braiding hair has a soft silky feel that further enhances the beauty of the style. Being quite wavy, the strands do tend to tangle easily, but this problem can be overcome by moisturizing the hair well with a product rich in natural oils. Women can choose to cut the strands for a funky short hair style or use the entire length to get the gorgeous diva like look. Irrespective of the style that this product is used for, it is sure to create a natural look in the most comfortable and easy manner.

The product is available in 14 different colors which can be mixed and matched to create a totally unique style and look. Dream Romance Curl braiding hair offers the benefit of easy usability, long lasting style that becomes increasingly realistic with time, minimal maintenance issues and even affordable pricing. These features make it one of the most preferred choices for elegant braiding styles that would make heads turn.

The following video link offers a review of the Dream Romance Curl braiding hair from Rastafri.


Naptural Definition Kanekalon

                                                           Isis Afri Naptural Definition Kanekalon Braid - BRD05

This braiding hair is made from 100% Kanekalon mode acrylic fibre, which make it a one of its kind product. The really long strands of Isis Afri Naptural Definition Kanekalon Braid – BRD05, have the look and feel of natural hair that has been conditioned extremely well. Although the hair has a slightly wavy touch to it, it can be set into well defined curls by dipping the hair in hot water for just a few seconds. The braid offers great versatility in terms of creating styles that are truly unique and last really long.

Using the Naptural Definition Braid hair eliminates the need for women to worry about the tresses becoming fuzzy. These hair strands which are extremely smooth to touch are also quite lightweight which means that women can try out complex and trendy styles without worrying about feeling a heavy weight on their crown. The hair offers the benefit of finger friendly braiding which makes it very comfortable and easy to use for creating natural styles.

The human hair like texture of Naptural Definition Kalenkalon enables the users to get a prefect and precise braided style that has definition. It is full of volume without being heavy and offers the advantage of being tangle free and not causing any irritation. The product is available in seven unique shades each of which is guaranteed to offer good value for money and great styling options. All these features make Naptural Definition Kalenkalon the, best braiding hair that women can find in the market today.

The following video provides the details about the unboxing and first impressions of the Naptural Definition Kalenkalon braiding hair.


Noir Afro Twist Braid

                                                        Janet Collection Synthetic Hair Noir Afro Twist Braid

When it comes to protecting the natural tresses with the help of hair extensions, most women opt for the extremely versatile crochet braiding hair. The Janet Collection Synthetic Hair Noir Afro Twist Braid is one of the most popular hair braiding products used by women for creating diverse hair styles that last really long. The softness and suppleness of this synthetic hair gives it the look and feel of natural human hair. It helps to add volume and definition to any hair style without adding weight or causing any irritation for the users.

Noir Afro Twist is easy to manage and does not easily tangle or become fuzzy, which makes it just the right choice for truly long lasting styles. The hair offers great flexibility and can be quite easily braided which reducing the styling time and also creates a clean and elegant look. Whether it is used for creating long and luscious hair styles or the shorter mid length tends, it is sure to give a totally cool and well defined look to the women wearing them.

The product is available in 11 colors and comes with a slight wavy twist to it. Women can choose to further deepen the curls by dipping the hair in hot water for about 10-15 secs after wrapping it around a roller. It is advisable to keep the hair wrapped in the roller for about 5 min after it has been taken out of hot water to ensure that the curls stay put for long.

Click the following link to see a video tutorial for creating a crochet braid with Noir Afro Twist Braid hair.


Jumbo Xpression

                                                    Vivica Fox Jumbo Xpression Braiding Hair J3XB - 84"

For women who want to flaunt really really long tresses in a stylish manner, the Vivica Fox Jumbo Xpression Braiding Hair J3XB – 84” is just the right product. The extremely long tresses offer the freedom of trying out multiple braiding styles without feeling like carrying around a heavy weight on the head. The beautiful silken sheen is just perfect to give the hair a completely natural look and its soft and velvety touch simply adds to the grace of any style. The hair offers the flexibility and strength of Kanekalon fibre which ensures that the users get best value for money.

Being light weight and tangle free, women prefer to use the entire length of this product to get a classic and cool look. Even when the short length of the hair is uses, it provides great precision and perfection besides adding volume and definition to the style. Using this braiding hair is sure to get the women a lot of compliments for their unique and mesmerizing sense of style. Choose this product to get extended braided hair style that requires minimal maintenance and is easily manageable for long periods of time.

The Vivica Fox Jumbo Xpression Braiding Hair J3XB – 84” is available in seven different shades. This further enhances the flexibility of the braiding as the users can combine multiple colors to get a lively and colorful look. This protein rich hair extension is all women need to create diverse styles that they can carry off with great comfort and confidence. Given the extra long length of the hair, the multicolored style will definitely enhance the grace and overall persona of the wearer.