Braiding Hair Using The Rastafari Senegal Zombie Twist 24

Braiding Hair Using The Rastafari Senegal Zombie Twist 24

Luxe Beauty Supply on 29th Jan 2019

A bad hair day is next to impossible when you twist or braid your hair. When you wake up in the mornings all you need to do is shake or hand comb your hair, and you’re ready for the road. Braids and twists are super functional and will remain in place for weeks at a time. With all that being said, there are still some significant maintenance and care procedures that will ensure that your braid remain attractive, and your scalp remains healthy for the time in which you wear them.

Rastafri Senegal Zombie Twist 24" Braiding Hair

Special Care Instructions

Keeping your braids clean is quite simple if you’re wearing the Rastafari Senegal Zombie Twist 24" Braiding Hair. The ideal duration to wait before washing is 1 or 2 weeks. Use a gentle shampoo or a regular one that has been diluted. By diluting the shampoo, the soap residue will be washed out without you having to scrub the braids vigorously. To hold the braids in place when washing, you can use a stocking cap this will help reduce unraveling or frizzing.

  • Use a light leave-in conditioner and not a traditional creamy conditioner when hair is washed as this may cause buildup in the body of your braids.
  • Use a braid moisturizing spray. This will moisturize your natural hair while keeping the extension hair soft. These moisturizers can be used daily on the extended portion of your hair, avoid using on the scalp as this can cause buildup.
  • Keep hair tied up during the nights. Scarfs, made from satin will prevent braids from rubbing on the bed lining or pillowcase that will cause them to frizzle or loosen.

Rastafri Senegal Zombie Twist 24" Braiding Hair

Avoid Constant Up-Dos

The Rastafari Senegal Zombie Twist 24" Braiding Hair makes a superb updo. They are perfect for braiding, twisting and for experimenting with new looks. Keep in mind that always styling your hair into high ponytails will pull at your hairline. This constant pulling will over time weaken your hairline unless you don’t mind having the Naomi Campbell look. You have to be gentle with your hair line this means limiting your updo styling to 3 or 4 times per week rather than daily.

Reduce Time Required For Styling Your Hair

Usually after a few weeks your hair roots will begin to grow out.This means it’s time to freshen up your look. Instead of rebraiding your hair, visit your stylists and ask them to re-install the braids along the hairline. After removing the braids along the edges, pay particular attention to detangling and deep conditioning before reapplying the braids.

Rastafri Senegal Zombie Twist 24" Braiding Hair

Don’t Keep Your Braids In For Extended Periods

There are countless stories online of women who experienced hair loss due to braids that remained in hair for long periods, doing this can cause bald spots to develop all over the head. Now we hope that no one reading this article will make such a mistake. There are however sometimes when women, in general, become lazy. The average styling time that braids should remain in the hair is two months. Longer periods will cause the new growth to stretch and become damage. Braids are used mainly to protect fragile hair ends and create new growth. Braids are sexy and perfect for person short on time but big on looks.

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