Vixen Crochet Braiding Technique

Posted by Luxe Beauty Supply on 8th Aug 2015

Vixen Crochet Braiding Technique

If this is your first time hearing about the Vixen sew in weave, and you are wondering what it is then this article will provide you with some useful information. The Vixen sew-in method has become quite popular even though it is considered a new weave installation method. It is done by applying tracks in 4 different sections when compared to the traditional methods of using a single hive. Your hair is then left out around the edges and in two parts that cut down the middle of the hair along with cutting across.

Even though there are few examples of a vixen weaving applied to curly or kinky hair. The method of weaving is best suitable for persons who have natural hair, that desire to wear a weave that also matches the texture of their hair.

The vixen Sew in the pattern when combined with the vixen crochet braiding, creates the vixen crochet braids!

So why the vixen crochet braid is different from your traditional crochet braids? As mentioned before one method uses the vixen braid pattern, this sees the hair being cornrowed into four sections, with the middle being left out and the perimeter. This provides a more realistic and natural appearance. In addition to this you can apply many different styles to your hair when compared to the traditional crochet braids example pig tails, pony tails, pulling back the hair, half up or down, etc.

If you are going to use a weave that is straight or one that is of a different texture than your natural hair, then the vixen installation method is not the best idea. When you have more hair left out, you run the risk of damaging more of your natural hair as you try to blend it in with your hair. Heat damage after a weave secession around the hair edges also presents a challenge, however, be glad if you don’t end up with an afro or some random shape of straight hair when you let down your weave. Vixen crochet braids are perfect for naturals, who’s hair length is no more than 6 inches shorter than their preferred weave.

Photo Credit @akushikagonenatural wearing Isis Afri Naptural Definition Braiding Hair

Here are some reasons on why you should, ask your stylist, to do a vixen Sew for your next visit.

  • 1. You are better able to care for your natural hair once the weave is installed.
  • 2. During shampooing, it is simpler to reach between the tracks using the applicator bottle.
  • 3. Weave itching is greatly reduced as you can apply oil to your scalp.
  • 4. Working with sections of hair makes the process of detangling simpler.
  • 5. Allows for greater styling versatility
  • 6. Wear your kinky or curls in a bun or weave high.
  • 7. Wear your Afro puffs side by side or on top of one another.
  • 8. Style, French braids, crown twists, flat twists, updo, along with several updos and half updo styles.

Check out this tutorial by: nigerianmami111

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