If you're looking for the absolute best rollers look no further than our lineup of professional hot rollers from Helen of Troy. The Hairsetter Nano Ceramic Wax Core rollers use infrared technology to provide one of the most gentle heated hair rollers made. You'll also find steam, ionic and tourmaline curl setter options made available from Helen of Troy. Conair hot rollers are, perhaps, the most recognized brand in the industry and we offer a full line of these rollers, including the very popular 20-piece Nano Titanium roller set that features infrared heat for the gentlest hair treatment. These velvet-flocked rollers are easy to work with and will create beautifully soft, shiny curls, which is probably exactly what you're after. Other items in this category include a wide range of different-sized perm rods and a unique set of no-clip, no-pin magnetic hair rollers.

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