Mane Concept Afri Naptural Quick Curlon Becca Curl 20

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Product Description

The bigger the curls, the bigger the hair! Easily cop the springy big hair look with our Mane Concept Afri Naptural Quick Curlon Becca Curl 20. Perfectly looped with a medium diameter this crochet twist is soft, shed-proof and tangle free to give you lasting sexy curls. You no longer have to bear scalding hot water sets to get the gorgeous curls you desire as you can now easily install and maintain this crochet twist hair. Full, lightweight and bouncy it also comes in different amazing colors to fit whatever mood you’re in and can be done up in different interesting styles.

Packs Needed: Approx 5+ depending on the style

Brand Name: Mane Concept/Afri Naptural

Hair Texture: Curlon Hair

Hair Length: Approx 20"+


Other Details

Curly & Wavy

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