Mane Concept Afri Naptural Xpression Braiding Hair Definition X

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Black hairstyles are undoubtedly some of the most versatile on planet earth, and with our Mane Concept Afri Naptural Definition X Xpression Braiding Hair you can now quickly pull off all the multitude of amazing, vivacious looks you’ve always wanted. Xpression braiding hair is soft, tangle-free, super long and easy to comb giving you the freedom to explore your creativity and bring forth gorgeous show-stopping hairstyles guaranteed to turn every head around. Easy to braid and easy to style whether it’s a simple box braid or hot water set to spring out the curls Mane Concept Afri Naptural Definition X is the best bet for any style.

Packs Needed: Approx 6+ depending on the style

Brand Name: Mane Concept

Hair Texture: Straight Xpression Braiding Hair

Hair Length: Approx 84"+