Marley/Locs Braiding Hair

Crochet braiding hair provides chic, manageable, and protective styling and has been around for quite some time. Although the technique of crochet hair isn't new, it has more versatility today than ever before. We carry some of the best brand like Janet Noir, Model Model, Beshe, Rastafri and many more. The crochet braid hair not only protects the natural tresses but also helps in creating great styles that look extremely realistic, which is why it is loved by a large percentage of women using braiding hair extensions. There is a countless variety of styles that can be created using crochet braiding hair to perfectly suit your personality and features. Kanekalon raiding hair is often the preferred choice for people opting for crochet braiding. This is because this hair is made from extremely high quality fiber that offers a natural smoothness and luster irrespective of what style they are used to create. They also have a natural bounce which further enhances the volume of the crochet hair style. One of the biggest benefits offered by these hair extensions is that they last really long and need minimum maintenance during this period. Since this braiding hair is tied quite close to the scalp, it offers a perfectly natural look and appeal. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and are quite easy to use with a crochet tool. LH Boutique features and extensive collection of such hair extensions which ensures that there is something for every women seeking along lasting and trendy hair style in an easy and affordable manner.
Isis Collection Afri Naptural Mali Bob 3 pcs Braiding TWB08
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Mane Concept

Isis Collection Marley Hair Mali Bob 3 pcs TWB08

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If you’re tired of long sexy blowing in the wind hair, then you can try our short and sexy crochet Marley twist hair. Full and luscious the Isis Collection Afri Naptural Mali Bob 3pcs Braiding TWB08 resembles a natural hair twist-out and is perfect...

Mane Concept

Mane Concept Afri Naptural Mali Twist Marley Braids - 16


Isis Collection Afri Naptural Mali Twist Braid - 16" TWB03 One World, One People, One Love! Lift up your spirits, with Mali Twist we bring you RASTA Styles! Enter the Promised Land looking your very best with hair textures that deliver longer...

Mane Concept

Isis Collection Afri Naptural Marley Mali Twist Braid 24


Look your very best with Isis Mali Twist Braiding hair. Perfect for faux locs, crochet braiding, Marley twist styles and endless looks. Natural looking, easy to install and itch free, Isis Mali Twist comes in 16 and 24 inch lengths, beautiful salon...