New Born Free Half Wig + Drawstring Ponytail Darling

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New Born Free Half Wig Darling

Premium quality half wig was created with the customer in mind who desire the convenience of a half wig along with the versatility of a pony tail. Darling has an ultimate natural look when worn as a half wig or a pony tail.

Extended Information

Tips for removing the shine from a synthetic wig.

Have you ever received a beautiful synthetic wig that may be a little too shiny? Here are two ways to remove that shine.

** The first tip is to apply some baby powder to the wig. You would want to put some on a powder puff to be sure you don’t apply too much. If you apply too much powder to the wig it will give the wig a gray look. After applying the powder you will want to shake off any excess. If that didn’t remove enough of the shine you will want to repeat until the desired look is achieved.

* Another common way to remove the shine is to soak in vinegar for 5 minutes. After it has soaked you will want to remove from the vinegar rinse it thoroughly and allow to air dry fully. You do not want to blow dry or apply any type of heat because the fibers may not be heat resistant and you could damage the look of the wig.

Washing your synthetic wigs

* Step 1 : Before washing, brush gently to untangle (if any).
* Step 2 : Fill a basin with cold or cool water, add a dash of mild shampoo and swish gently.
* Step 3 : Soak your wig in the solution and gently agitate in a circular motion with your hands.
* Step 4 : Rinse thoroughly in cold water.
* Step 5: Towel blot your wig gently in a patting motion, then place on your wig stand to drip dry. Remember, never twist or wring your wig! *(Do not brush when wet)*
* Step 6 :Brush into desired style after the wig is completely dry.
* Step 7: Do NOT use curling irons or curling kits as this will damage a synthetic wig.

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