Short Wigs

There are multiple advantages to wearing a short hairstyle. At LH Boutique, we have an extensive collection of short wigs for women. Whatever is your style preference we have something that is suitable. Spend some time looking through our large collection of short wigs, you are sure to find something that suits your unique style and taste. Our wigs are trendsetting, light weight and they are sure to excite a few wows.


Soultress Synthetic Wig Sassy


Soultress Sassy stylish layered short cut and chic look are crafted to fit all face shapes. Her careful construction was designed to give you an entirely natural look. This style is baked in and is completely maintenance free, even after shampooing, her...


Beshe Lace Front Wig LW DREW II New Short Version


Beshe Lace Front Wig LW DREW II newest shorter version is an afro curly style constructed with exceptional quality and value. The new shorter version affords you the opportunity to enjoy this classic afro kinky look less density. Beshe Lace Front Wig...

Trend Tress

Feel Free Synthetic Hair Wig Fitch


Luxe is excited to unveil the new Ultra light "Feel Free collection"…all graced with impeccable quality, adjustable straps in the back, unparalleled style, and soft luxurious comfort. You’ve never seen anything like it before. The "Feel Free...