Synthetic Braiding Hair


For women seeking stylish and vibrant hair dos, the wide range of synthetic braiding hair offered by LH Boutique is just the right perfect for you. Made from high quality fibers, these hair extensions offer a completely natural look and feel, with minimum tangles and frizz even after extended use.  Whether you are using curly braiding hair or straight ones, you are guaranteed to get the perfect smoothness and bounce as offered by natural tresses and enhance your magnificent personality in the most elegant manner.

Every unit of braiding hair offered on LH Boutique is checked for adherence to various standards of quality. We offer braiding hair from all renowned brands including Rastafri, Isis, Janet Collection and Nafy Collection to name a few. Moreover we also offer micro braiding hair, mid length braids and even full length hair extensions to help you create a truly unique look. This offers you greater flexibility of choice in terms of style and size to select the most appropriate ones that suit your personality.

The hair braids available on LH Boutique offer the advantage of being extremely light and soft. They are also easy to maintain and have a long life which ensures great value for money. The affordable prices of these high quality hair extensions make it quite easy for the women to follow the latest hair trends and look stylish and graceful without burning a hole through their pockets. Check out our vast range of hair extensions today to get one that makes you stand out of the crowd in an elegant manner.