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Lace front wigs have become a top favorite of wig and extension aficionados in the past few years and that's not just for one reason. They aren't only affordable and easy to maintain, they take mere minutes to install and give you an ultra realistic look. Find the best of the best Synthetic Lace Front Wigs right here at Luxe Beauty Supply. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality realistic styles that look and perform like human hair but without the price tag. We take pride in representing the brands that pay special attention to details and craftsmanship that results in a well-laid wig. Hidden wefts, snap clips, wide parting room and hand-tied technology are some of the features that set some of our select styles apart from the rest. Some of our customer favorites are Aplus Ozone, Donna Cambell, Vivica Fox, and Tress just to name a few. We stock a wide variety of salon-inspired shades, special sought after colors like balayage, ombre and spicy grays that can transform any look. We're sure you will also love the mix of human and synthetic blended styles that perform like human hair. Sometimes a trained eye can't detect the difference. We're also proud to boast the confidence theater and film companies have placed in us to provide them with beautiful, realistic and affordable styles for their acting and film projects. Check out our selection and no matter your questions, you can rely on our expert support team here at Luxe to provide you with the utmost guidance on any wig style. Drop us a line or give us a call, we'll be happy to assist you with your selections.

Best Collection of Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Online

#1 What are Synthetic Lace Front Wigs?
Lace front wigs are the best of all wigs. They come with a piece of lace attached to the front which falls over your forehead for you to cut and blend just the way you want. This gives you a look so utterly realistic that no one will ever know you’re wearing a wig. Due to the lace attached to your forehead, your own hairline is covered and you can only see the wig’s hairline, which looks just like your own. Not only do lace front wigs give you a surprisingly realistic result, but they also take just minutes to install and are super easy to handle throughout the day.

#2 Are Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Affordable?
Compared to human hair lace front wigs they're much more affordable. Human hair can be anywhere from $400 to $5,000, which is pretty pricey for just one wig if you ask us. Synthetics are much cheaper and can even be found under $100 at some markets. They are also more ideal for someone who plans on wearing the wig on a daily basis.

#3 How to Care and store Synthetic Lace Front Wigs?
One tip to remember is to wash your unit with sulfate free shampoo as they don’t have a natural source of moisture, but don’t wash them too much as that can take away the realistic shine of your wigs and make it rough and knotty. Keep the wig on a mannequin head when not in use as that takes away the risks of knots, and never use heating irons or hair dye as they’ve already undergone many processes.
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