Wig Stands & Mannequin Heads

Whether you use wigs regularly o only on some special occasions, you need to keep store them in a proper manner to ensure that they last really long. AT LH Boutique you can get a wide range of high quality wig stands which help not in maintaining the natural shape of the wig but also prevent any damage to hair strands due to unnecessary folding of the wigs. You can also use the wig stands or mannequin heads purchased from our website to style or comb the wig before wearing it. Our affordable prices mean that you can easily buy multiple stands to keep your different wigs safe and stylish. 

1 Giell Styrofoam Foam Mannequin Long Neck Wig Head Display
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Styrofoam Mannequin Head X Long Neck Wig Head


Styrofoam Head with Face is great for styling wigs and hairpieces. The soft foam allows you to secure your unit to the head with T Pins. This is an absolute must for wig styling and storage. 19 inches tall.